This page lists individuals in the burial register whose exact location in the graveyard is yet to be identified. If anyone has any information on their location please contact the webmaster.

Note: There are also unknown locations with respect to ashes. These are listed on the Zone K (ashes burial zone) page here.

Unknown Location

FORE NAMESSURNAMEABODEBuriedAGEDeathPerformed byOther notes
Sarah AnnTHOMASMynyddbach, Shirenewton12/01/195785 Basil G Williams, Rector 
Mary HannahPHELPSChurchdown, Gloucester10/01/195863   
Louise MACLEODFive Bells, Shirenewton11/08/195888 Basil G Williams, Rector 
GeorgeWEBBMynyddbach, Shirenewtomn13/12/195878 Basil G Williams, Rector 
Lilian BerthaBRYANT2 Council Houses, Usk Rd, Shirenewton22/12/195869 Basil G Williams, Rector 
EmilyMORGAN5 Heather Road, Newport30/12/195883 Basil G Williams, Rector 
Thomas AlbertMERRICKRock House, Mynnydbach, Shirenewton16/01/196073 Basil G Williams, Rector 
JuliaCONSTANCE 28/01/196077 Basil G Williams, Rector 
Ethel Kate AliceHAINESThe Shop, Itton17/03/196474 GF Riggs, Rector 
GwynethTRIGGOntario, formerly of Shirenewton23/05/199772 Hugh Trenchard

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