Zone A

PlotNoForenamesSurnameAbodeBuriedAgeDeathPerformed byOther notes
A1EDWARDBAKER   3 months 17/03/1929 son of Edward & Ellen BAKER
A2SARAH ANNBUTT  6522/01/1929 wife of George J BUTT
A3JAMES HARDINGBUTT  3126/12/1930  
A4WILLIAM JOHNHOLDER  4622/03/1928 son of J and L HOLDER
A4ERNESTTHOMAS   infancy   
A5WILLIAM GEORGECOLLINSThe Mynders 7620/05/1930  
A5KATE WENTWORTHCOLLINS  8403/11/1938 wife of William George COLLINS
A7WILLIAM ALBERTHUGHESBatwell11/06/192059 GF Riggs, Rector 
A9JAMESHOLDER 17/12/193986  overgrown
A9LOUISAHOLDER 03/12/194284   
A10CHARLESARNOLDBryn Gwyn24/05/193082  passed away at Llwyn-y-Celyn
A11DAVIDSTONE 05/09/192758   
A11ELIZABETHSTONE 16/08/194168  wife of David STONE
A13HENRYRICHARDS 23/12/192889   
A13AMELIARICHARDS 12/08/192384   
A15LOUISA ANN HARPER 09/01/193963   
A16GEORGE I ATTEWELLMarl Farm08/06/193269   
A17BESSIESKINNER 03/10/191850  wife of Fred SKINNER
A18ALICEVALE 16/07/192834  wife of James VALE
A18JAMESVALE  00/11/1934 43   
A19JohnJEREMIAHBryn Briallen, Earlswood29/07/19655925/07/1965GF Riggs, Rectorhusband and father
A19Hilda MayJEREMIAHBryn Briallen, Earlswood16/08/19907510/08/1990JCB Dudley officiating minister 
A20Frederick CharlesPRICELower Weyloed, Shirenewton15/09/19627212/09/1962GF Riggs, RectorPeople's Warden 1937-47; ChurchTreasurer/PCC Secretary 1933-1963
A20Edith JanePRICELower Weyloed, Shirenewton24/12/19717821/12/1971GF Riggs, Rectorwife of Frederick Charles PRICE
A21RICHARD FRANCISHARPERLower Argoed Farm 6404/10/1946  
A21EDWINWEBBIfton Hill, Portskewett 7012/11/1948  
A21Ethel SelinaWEBB7 Avenue, Tutshill, Chepstow16/05/19728811/05/1972WV Lake, Rectorwife of Edwin WEBB
A22HAROLDSAINSBURY  5823/10/1951  
A22KateSAINSBURYThe Lodge, St Kingsmark School, Crossway Green, Chepstow19/03/19838904/03/1983RW James burial of ashes 19 Mar 1983
A23WILLIAM GEORGECOLLINS  1808/09/1934 son of George & Gypsy COLLINS
A24SARAH JANEROWLANDS  5621/12/1929 wife of Cyril Thomas ROWLANDS
A26Mark CharlesSTAITNo 7 Caravan, Hardwick Court, Bulwark24/12/1966 5 months20/12/1966GF Riggs, Rector 
A27CharlesMARTIN  5801/01/1966  
A27Dorothy Alice MayMARTINHolly Tree House, Earlswood09/05/19978509/05/1997Hugh Trenchard 
A28William HenryLINGARDPriory Cottage, Mynyddbach01/01/19628229/12/1961Rev L Rowley, Methodist Minister 
A28EMMA JANELINGARD  8314/02/1964 wife of William Henry LINGARD
A28Richard GeorgeWHEELERTanglin, Beachley Road, Tutshill13/07/19635910/07/1963J Barrie Evans, Vicar of Caerwent 
A28EthelBURGUMdied at Glos Royal Hospital, Gloucester16/11/1992841992Brian Green, Vicar of Tidenhamburial of ashes
A28Edward GeorgeBURGUMDale Cottage, Bream19/03/1994891994Brian Green, Vicar of Tidenhamburial of ashes
A29Ernest WilliamLANEMynders Cottage, Shirenewton21/12/19606717/12/1960Rev L Rowley, Methodist Ministerhusband of Rose May LANE, father of Elsie & Ida
A29Rose MayLANE6 Blethyn Close, Mynyddbach14/09/19717410/09/1971GF Riggs, Rector 
A30MARIAHAINES  7018/10/1947 wife of John HAINES
A30JOHNHAINES  7504/10/1950  
A31MARGARETSAINSBURY  7716/04/1944  
A31WILLIAMSAINSBURY  8606/08/1949  
A32ANNIE OLWENGWILLIAM  2715/04/1938  
A33ANNIE HILLBridgewater 5025/04/1935 wife of Edward HILL
A33RHODALANE  7717/01/1944 mother of Annie HILL
A34ERNEST CYRUSLANE  5 yrs 8 mths31/07/1934 son of Ernest and Rose LANE
A35JOHNHAINES  3504/05/1934 husband of Lilian HAINES
A35Lilian MayHAINES61 Green Lane, Caldicot13/06/19827913/05/1982LC Jones, Rectorwife of John HAINES
A36HENRYJONESGrondra Farm 6221/12/1927 Husband of Mary J JONES
A36Mary JaneJONESHill Side, Mynyddbach17/05/19609114/05/1960J Wares Canonwife of Henry JONES
A37GEORGE STEVENS  8217/07/1936 40 years clerk of this Parish
A37MARYSTEVENS  6502/12/1930 wife of George STEVENS
A38HERBERT ALFREDLEWISEarlswood 7031/12/1948 husband of Harriet L Lewis
A38HARRIET LLEWIS  8002/06/1949 wife of Herbert LEWIS
A39VALENTINEBRYANT  6931/12/1946  
A39Elizabeth Kate EmmaBRYANTGlen View, Mynyddbach26/11/19648622/11/1964GF Riggs, Rectorwife of Valentine BRYANT
A39ValentineBRYANT4 Glebelands, Heytesbury, Wilts10/08/19918310/08/1991PW Woodman, Rectorcremated remains
A40DAVID JOHNTHOMAS  5619/03/1942  
A40Harriet BeatriceTHOMAS32 Ruffetts Close, Chepstow (formerly of the Cross Hands, Shirenewton)25/01/19678121/01/1967GF Riggs, Rectorwife of David J THOMAS
A41JOHN HENRYNICHOLAS  7228/06/1937  
A41JOHANNANICHOLAS  9215/01/1951 wife of John Henry NICHOLAS
A42WILLIAMTHOMAS  7409/04/1937  
A42SARAHTHOMAS  8509/01/1957 wife of William THOMAS
A43JAMES ALFREDHAINES  7116/06/1936  
A43JOHNHAINES  3504/05/1934 son of James Alfred and Clara HAINES
A43CLARAHAINES  7713/05/1940 wife of James Alfred HAINES
A43bLILY FLORENCEPIKE  7118/06/1961 wife of Philip PIKE
A44EDITH MARYBRYANT  2324/10/1933  
A45FRANCIS WILLIAMFRY  6419/01/1929 erected by son Lionel H FRY
A45ANNFRY  8222/01/1948 wife of Francis William FRY
A46aEDWINRICHARDS  6107/02/1927  
A46FannyRICHARDS27 Thornwell Rd, Bulwark, Chepstow03/10/19599529/09/1959Basil G Williams, Rectorwife of Edwin RICHARDS
A46FRANKRICHARDS  3021/07/1928 son of Edwin and Fanny RICHARDS
A46Edwin GeorgeRICHARDSBulwark, Chepstow23/03/19616419/03/1961Canon EP Evans, Chepstowson of Edwin and Fanny RICHARDS
A46bFANNYRICHARDS7 Linkett Road, Caldicot09/02/19848116/01/1984RW James burial of ashes; daughter of Edwin and Fanny RICHARDS
A47MarjoriePACKER2 The Row, Shirenewton13/04/19657009/04/1965GF Riggs, Rector 
A47MARJORIE MAYPACKER  511/02/1923  
A48John RobertRUMENS10 Pembroke Road, Bulwark (Late of Holly Cottage, Shirenewton)25/05/19639721/05/1963GF Riggs, Rector 
A48EllenRUMENSHolly Cottage, Shirenewton17/06/19619114/06/1961Basil G Williams, Rectorwife of John Robert RUMENS
A48Leonard CharlesRUMENSShirenewton13/09/20019927/04/2001EM Davies, Deanery Curateson of John Robert and Ellen RUMENS burial of ashes
A49HAROLD C. C.BARTONThe Mynders 2009/09/1936 son of John and Gertrude BARTON
A50EMILY AUGUSTAPASKCaerleon 5011/03/1954 daughter of John and Martha Ellen PASK
A51WILLIAMBURROUGHS  4918/06/1926 husband of Louisa BORROUGHS
A52GERTRUDEBARTONThe Mynders17/08/19486417/08/1948 wife of John BARTON
A52John HenryBARTONMorfa, Nash (formerly of The Mynders, Shirenewton)20/01/19668317/01/1966GF Riggs, Rectorhusband of Gertrude BARTON
A53RICHARD GEORGEWHEELER  5910/07/1963 husband of Olive WHEELER
A53Olive KateWHEELEROslo, Mynyddbach, Shirenewton22/10/19747317/10/1974WV Lake, Rectorwife of Richard George WHEELER
A54FLORENCE MAYEDMONDSUpper Argoed 6016/01/1949 wife of Ernest John EDMONDS
A54Ernest JohnEDMONDSDevauden17/05/19596713/05/1959Basil G Williams, Rectorhusband of Florence May EDMONDS
A55ELLENDORMAN  8416/08/1940 nee SMART
A LL56DORIS ENIDHEALEY2 The Row, Shirenewton31/03/198784 ??/??/1987Lawrence Wayburial of ashes
A L56ARTHURPHILLIPS    27/03/1951  
A L56EMILYPHILLIPS   03/12/1953  
A56THOMAS BERNARDHUMPHRIES  5818/01/1942 born 8 January 1884
A56Mary AnnieHUMPHRIESCaepwcella, Shirenewton22/09/19698717/09/1969GF Riggs, Rectorwife of Thomas Bernard HUMPHRIES burial of ashes
A57MarthaEDWARDSThe Cayo, Shirenewton30/03/19575327/03/1957Basil G Williams, Rector 
A57William HollEDWARDSThe Cayo Farm, Shirenewton17/07/19686713/07/1968GF Riggs, Rectorhusband of Martha EDWARDS
A58MARYJAMES  60 24/10/1834 wife of George JAMES
A58GEORGEJAMES  68 11/02/1837  
A59JOHNCHURCH  42 28/11/1850 son of Thomas CHURCH
A59ElizabethCHURCH 21/10/188611 18/10/1886 daughter of William and Elizabeth CHURCH
A60JOHNMAYLESCastle Earon, Wilts 47 24/11/1867  
A61HENRYWATKINS  41 23/10/1790  
A61MARYWATKINS  72 20/02/1821 wife of Henry WATKINS
A61JAMESWATKINS  15 30/09/1793 son of Henry and Mary WATKINS
A62ANNJENKINGSLangwm 3 17/09/1795 daughter of Elizabeth JENKINS
A63ALICEWILLIAMS    11/09/1700 illegible; wife of William WILLIAMS
A64ELIZABETH      wife of Jacob...illegible
A65MARYEDWARDS  37 18/12/1838 wife of George EDWARDS
A65WILLIAMWILLIAMSItton 82 07/10/1890  
A65MARGARETWILLIAMS  8801/10/1921 wife of William WILLIAMS
A66WILLIAMJONES  30 10/06/1841 son of Rachel and Moses JONES
AR66UNKNOWN      next to path
A67SELINAWEEKS  23 08/02/1895 wife of James WEEKS
A68RICHARDBIRDEN  72 03/07/1885  
A68CHARLESPRICEEarlswood 56 13/12/1893  
A68HARRIETPRICE     wife of Charles PRICE
A68SARAHBIRDEN  65 05/05/1875 wife of Richard BIRDEN
A68SARAHPRICE     daughter of Charles and Harriet PRICE, granddaughter of Richard BIRDEN
A69WILLIAMROBERT  19 27/10/1815  
A69MERABROBERT  85 21/09/1885 wife of William ROBERT
A69JAMESCADLE   1yr 5mths 27/03/1807 son of John and Mary CADLE
A69MARYCADLE  42 19/08/1816 mother of James CADLE
A69WILLIAMROBERTS  28 07/11/1802  

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