Zone B

PlotNoForenamesSurnameAbodeBurriedAgeDeathPerformed byOther notes
B1WILLIAMBENJAMIN -1yr 10mth23/10/1823-son of Christopher and Elizabeth BENJAMIN
B2RICHARDBLADON -7405/08/1823- 
B2JOHNBLADON -8319/04/1861-son of Richard BLADON
B3THOMASGEORGEParish of Tregar-7714/07/1827- 
B4RICHARDJONES - 6mths13/06/1817-son of William and Mary JONES
B4MARYJONES -6108/04/1843-wife of William JONES
B4MARYJONES - ?8 21/04/1859-wife of Zechariah JONES, daughter of William and Mary JONES
B5EDWARDHERBERT -7709/05/1848- 
B6FANNYBURRIDGE -3004/02/1876-daughter of John and Fanny BURRIDGE
B6FANNYBURRIDGE -7206/03/1883-wife of John BURRIDGE, mother of Fanny BURRIDGE
B6JOHNBURRIDGEof Llanmellin -7504/02/1897-Husband of Fanny BURRIDGE and father of Fanny BURRIDGE
B7None  -  - 
B8MARYLEWIS -8201/03/1820- 
B8MARYWATKINS -6226/03/1830- 
B9WILLIAMWATERS -617/10/1796-son of William and Mary WATERS
B10MARYHANDCOCK -2505/10/1842-wife of William HANDCOCK
B10WILLIAMHANDCOCK - Infant -son of William and Mary HANDCOCK, died in infancy
B11Unreadable  -  - 
B12?JONES - ?yrs 9mth03/02/1815-son of Ann JONES
B13SAMUEL LUFF -7430/12/1871-parish clerk 39 years
B13MARYLUFF -9322/02/1893-wife of Samuel LUFF
B13EPHRAINLUFF -1128/07/1873-son of Samuel and Mary LUFF
B14NARLREARLE -7120/02/1711-wife of William EARLE
B14SARAHWILLIAMSParish of Portescuet-2502/09/1717-wife of John WILLIAMS
B15JOHNEDWARDSParish of Itton-608/11/1837-son of Thomas and Mary Ann EDWARDS
B15WILLIAMEDWARDS -1014/11/1837-son of Thomas and Mary Ann EDWARDS
B16MARYJONES -4613/03/1795-wife of John JONES
B16JOHNJONES -8425/05/1829- 
B16MARYJONES -8101/04/1811-wife of John JONES
B17JAMESJONES -6518/04/1865- 
B17MARYJONES -6712/03/1867-wife of James JONES
B18EDWARDCADLE -7115/03/1819- 
B18MARYCADLE -6718/11/1825-wife of Edward CADLE
B19Unreadable  -  - 
B20ANNCADELL -3516/08/1774-wife of Henry CADELL
B21BARBARACADLE -7103/08/1815-wife of Henry CADLE
B21HENRYCADLE -7704/11/1815- 
B22MARIAHEVANS -3524/06/1811-wife of David EVANS, Officer of Excise
B23BARBRAJONES -6301/05/1778-wife of John JONES
B23CATHERINEJONES -6622/03/1792-wife of John JONES
B23JOHNJONES -7719/07/1792- 
B24SARAHLEWIS -7813/05/1850- 
B25None  -  - 
B26THOMASRICHARDS -5528/04/1834- 
B27None  -  - 
B28None  -  - 
B29ANNEJONES -2425/04/1850-child of James and Mary JONES, innkeepers of this parish
B29ELIZABETHJONES -2218/03/1851-child of James and Mary JONES, innkeepers of this parish
B29JAMESJONES -2004/05/1851-child of James and Mary JONES, innkeepers of this parish
B29CATHERINEJONESParish of Llanmartin-2413/05/1857-daughter of James and Mary JONES
B29JOHN WJONES -4907/05/1887-son of James and Mary JONES
B30MARYEVANS -2203/01/1817-daughter of David and Mariah EVANS
B31None  -  - 
B32Unreadable  -  - 
B33None  -  - 
B34SAMUEL ? -6600/02/1813- 
B35ARTHURHALL - 2yrs 8mth15/11/1842-son of Arthur and Matilda HALL
B36AWILLIAMFORD -7812/10/1874- 
B36ASARAHFORD -8011/03/1879-wife of William FORD
B36AJOHN TAYLORFORD -2111/09/1848-son of William and Sarah FORD
B36AGEORGEFORD -1812/06/1861-son of William and Sarah FORD
B36AEMMAFORD -1929/06/1861-daughter of William and Sarah FORD
B36BUnknown  -  - 
B36CUnknown  -  - 
B37ELIZABETHREECELate of Llanmartin-2908/04/1848-wife of Richard REECE, daughter of Samuel and Margaret DAVIES of Pantycossin
B37EDWINREECE -1122/11/1856-son of Richard and Elizabeth REECE
B38JOHN WILLIAMBLADON - 5mths01/05/1865-son of Thomas and Caroline BLADON
B38CAROLINEBLADON -3215/01/1866-wife of Thomas BLADON
B38THOMASBLADON -6429/04/1875- 
B39Unreadable  -  - 
B40ELIZABETHFORD -8530/03/1869-wife of Thomas FORD
B40THOMASFORD -6702/06/1870-Church Warden 25 years
B41Unreadable  -  - 
B42None  -  - 
B43JAMESTHOMAS -7323/11/1866- 
B44EMMAJONES -825/08/1862-daughter of William and Jane JONES
B44JANEJONES -3711/03/1867-wife of William JONES
B45Unreadable  -  -

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