Zone L

L11Donald OliverJONES7 Orchard Rise, Shirenewton27/06/200379 Hugh Trenchard 
L12Joyce DesneSKIDMOREMNH06/04/200473 Hugh Trenchardnee HAINES; born 2/8/1930; Mormon ceremony, no headstone
L13Charles OwenMARSDENShirebrook Barn, Shirenewton23/10/200475 Hugh Trenchard 
L14Elizabeth (Betty) EleanorATTFIELDFitzosborne Close, Chepstow08/06/200576 EM Davies 
L15Anthony HughDAVIESHawthorne Cottage, Shirenewton03/05/201683 EM Davies, JS Waters 
L16WencheO'KEEFE15 Newton Manor06/05/2020 26/05/2020Julian Whitetemp cross
L21DavidADAMSGrondra Farm25/01/200795 Hugh Trenchardcross
L21Gwyneth MayADAMSCCH06/01/201493 Julian White, Area Dean 
L22Katie AnnBRACEAhn, Weyloed Lane,Mynyddbach17/08/200711 Patricia E Pinkerton, officiating priestcross
L23Ian DouglasMACFARLANEThe Cayo, Shirenewton08/09/200965 WCIG 
L24Margaret DorothyRAIKES-MAYUpper Tump Farm, Earlswood26/01/201082 WCIG 
L25Derek Richard MichaelDAVISCrick House, Crick, Monmouthshire07/02/201785 JS Waters 
L31Clive JohnWARDHome Ward, 2 Newton Manor/RGH02/09/201064 EM Davies, priest 
L32PaulMARTINRGH20/09/201056 Rev Dr WC Ingle-Gillis, EM Davies 
L33Gordon SinclairOSTLER74 Treetops, Portskewett10/01/201176 D Richards, vicar Portskewett 
L34AnthonyBENDALLCan-y-nant, Jackson Way, Goodwick, Pembrokeshire03/08/201161 EM Davies, priesttemp cross
L35Ralph JamesBURROWSMynyddbach10/03/201824 Julian White 
L41Alice GeorginaDAVISCastleford Home, Tutshill, Tiddenham14/09/201194 Julian White, Area Deantemp cross
L42Stuart Francis (Malcolm)OSTLERLittle Brook Farm, Earlswood16/01/201274 EM Davies, priest in chargetemp cross
L43John RichardBONSEYMoirana, Weyloed Lane10/01/201374 EM Davies, priest in charge 
L44Ernest EdwinJONESMynyddbach06/02/201389 EM Davies, priest in charge 
L45Gwenda MayJAMES2 Redd Landes, Shirenewton03/04/201979 Julian Whitetemp cross
L51Colin Philip WoodruffWHITE19 Penterry Park, Chepstow10/07/2013  Rev Chris BlanchardCaptain
L52JohnFOLLETTShirenewton17/12/20148502/07/2013Julian Whiteborn 31/08/1930
L53Argyro Evagella (Lulu)WOODALLShirenewton19/01/201591 Julian White 
L54RichardDRIVERNo 3 The Laurels, Mynydbach09/05/201764 JS Waters 
L55Margaret AnnHUGHESCrestleigh Shirenewton/Neville Hall05/10/201975 JS Waterstemp cross
L61Janet IsobelPIERCECae Pwcella21/01/200864 N Davies, priest in chargeashes interred
L62Doris IsobelCLEEVESThe Priory Residential Home, Llandogo14/07/2008101 N Davies, priest in chargeashes interred
L63AllanSAYSELLMono Ridge, Blethyn Close, Mynyddbach12/08/201583 EM Davies, priest 
L64Sybil HelenHUSONLlanvair Discoed201593 Ven Peter Woodmanborn 1922

Other Zones

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