Zone D

D1FANNY BOURINGBURRIDGE - 14m 18/04/1887-daughter of Robert B and Martha BURRIDGE
D1EDITH SARAHBURRIDGE - 17m 15/03/1896-daughter of Robert B and Martha BURRIDGE
D2MARTHABURRIDGE -7829/01/1934- 
D2ROBERT BOWRINGBURRIDGE -8312/11/1937-husband of Martha BURRIDGE
D3NONE  -  - 
D4ROBERT BENJAMIN -5921/10/1924-husband of Mary BENJAMIN; no headstone
D4MABEL MARIABENJAMIN -3207/03/1931-daughter or Robert and Mabel BENJAMIN
D4MARY JANEBENJAMIN -8703/09/1955-wife of Robert BENJAMIN
D5MARYBURRIDGE -7312/08/1957- 
D6JOHN HEWETT -50 10/01/1896- 
D7EMMA ELIZABETHBARRETT -1 18/05/1885-born 2 June 1884
D7HENRY GROOMBARRETT - 12 days 15/04/1891-born 3 April 1891
D8SARAHBARRETT -32 30/01/1863-wife of Albert BARRETT
D8EMILYBARRETT -19 19/05/1877-daughter of Sarah BARRETT
D9Rev. B. BAYLEYKINGDONJamaica-  - 
D9HARRIOTKINGDONJamaica-  -wife of Rev B Bayley KINGDON
D9HARRIOT ANNEKINGDONShirenewton-36 26/04/1886-daughter of Rev B Bayley and Harriot KINGDON
D9LUCY ELIZABETHKINGDONShirenewton-34 07/07/1886-daughter of Rev B Bayley and Harriot KINGDON

Zone E

E1EDWIN JAMESROBINS -7 02/03/1897- 
E2SARAHBURRIDGEIvy Rock, Tidenham-  04/04/1899- 
E2MARYBURRIDGETintern House, Chepstow- 21/08/1912- 
E3CHARLES HENRYCLIFFORD - 10m 10/09/1851-son of Elijah and Caroline CLIFFORD
E3CAROLINECLIFFORD -32 23/03/1856-mother of Charles CLIFFORD

Other Zones

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