Zone F

F1JohnJAMES -686/10/1834  
F2EdwardRILEY -4212/5/1790  
F3Archie SuffolkSPARY -   born 1786 - unless this refers to his wife
F3Lillie ElizabethSPARY -931969 wife of Archie SPARY; born 1876, unless this refers to Archie
F5WilliamMORGAN -643/10/1797  
F5MargaretMORGAN -3511/12/1784 first wife of William MORGAN
F5MaryMORGAN -541/8/1832 second wife of William MORGAN
F6LeonardDAVIS -34/9/1838  
F7WilliamBARKLEY -95/7/1841  
F8RogerTHOMAS -793/4/1748  
F8WilliamTHOMAS - 21/12/1775 son of William and Elizabeth THOMAS
F8ElizabethTHOMAS - 21/12/1775 wife of William THOMAS
F9JohnLEWIS -7120/7/1829  
F10PhilipLEWIS -564/3/1823  
F11HannahWILLIAMSShirenewton-6023/10/1859 wife of George WILLIAMS
F11GeorgeWILLIAMSLlandevenny-8127/4/1882 husband of Hannah WILLIAMS
F12JamesGIBSON -5716/12/1881  
F12TemperanceGIBSON -7629/04/1900 wife of James GIBSON
F12EdwinGIBSON -8011/01/1941 son of James and Temperance GIBSON
F12FannyGIBSON -7917/10/1947 wife of Edwin GIBSON
F13JamesWILLIAMS -4924/6/1810  
F13JacobWILLIAMSNewchurch West-327th ? 1836 son of Thomas and Margaret WILLIAMS
F14 NONE -    
F15MaryWILLIAMSShirenewton-552/11/1822 relict of James WILLIAMS
F15LouisaWILLIAMS -2412/9/1860 Daughter of Thomas and Margaret WILLIAMS
F15RhodeWILLIAMS -2111/11/1860 Daughter of Thomas and Margaret WILLIAMS
F16JohnWILLIAMSArgoed Farm-8416/10/1911  
F16MaryWILLIAMS -541/10/1881 wife of John WILLIAMS
F17BlanceHOWELShirenewton-6030/12/1725 wife of William HOWEL
F17WilliamHOWEL - 1740 husband of Blance HOWEL
F17MaryHARRISShirenewton-355/6/1779 wife of Thomas HARRIS
F18SisilPRITCHARDShirenewton-6819/9/1735 wife of Walter PRITCHARD
F18WalterPRITCHARDShirenewton-6030/9/1743 husband of Sisil PRITCHARD
F18AnneWILLIAMSPantacossin-5810/4/1762 wife of William WILLIAMS, widow of Walter PRITCHARD
F18WilliamWILLIAMS -918/7/1809 husband of Anne Williams
F19  Dewstow-653/10/1837 Table grave - side 1
F19DavidCARRUTHERSThe Grondra-2014/7/1843  
F19SarahCARRUTHERSThe Grondra-4810/3/1845  
F19James ProctorCARRUTHERS -4616/10/1873 side 2
F19Mary AnnCARRUTHERS -5716/7/1896 wife of James Proctor CARRUTHERS
F19 CARRUTHERSThe Grondra-2113/9/1852 side 3
F19DavidCARRUTHERSThe Grondra-3219/12/1859  
F20AnnJONESShirenewton-4511/6/1771 wife of David JONES
F21AnnWILCOX -739/6/1834  
F21ElizabethTHOMAS -5928/2/1854 daughter of Elizabeth THOMAS
F21JohnTHOMAS -6018/12/1856 husband of Elizabeth THOMAS
F22WilliamEDWARDSRunston-118/6/1781 Table grave: son of Thomas and Rachel EDWARDS
F22RachelEDWARDS -552/7/1796 mother of William EDWARDS
F22ThomasEDWARDSBreadwell, Runston-8829/7/1827 husband of Rachel EDWARDS
F22JamesEDWARDS -7911/1/1858 son of Thomas EDWARDS
F23RuthEDWARDSRunston-3017/6/1761 Table grave: wife of John EDWARDS
F23JohnEDWARDSRunston-717/6/1768 husband of Ruth EDWARDS
F24HenryWISE -3828/6/1827  
F24ElizabethBENJAMIN -    
F25IsaacJONESShirenewton-424/1/1850 son of Charles and Eliza JONES
F25CharlesJONESShirenewton-2118/5/1862 son of Charles and Eliza JONES
F26JosephMILLETT -7730/5/1898  
F27SusannaLONG -4123/12/1883 wife of James LONG
F28MarySMITHRogiet-1 yr 7 months26/8/1787 wife of Thomas SMITH, granddaughter of James LONG
F28MaryWATKINSShirenewton-5813/6/1794 wife of Henry WATKINS
F29WilliamWILLIAMSWilcrick-7 months26/2/1787 son of Adam and Ann WILLIAMS
F30JohnPALMER -1219/10/1805  
F32MaryMORGAN -8320/7/1835 wife of William MORGAN
F33Elizabeth KateLIDDELL -6712/07/1928 wife of Charles Oswald LIDDELL; born 1854
F33Charles OswaldLIDDELL - 1941  
F33Mary FarquharLIDDELL700 Melaskill Rd, Pinehurst, North Carolina-9119/08/1977LC Jones, Rectorwidow of Charles Oswald LIDDELL
F35MaryGIBSON -338/9/1824 wife of Robert GIBSON
F35SarahBAKER -2729/6/1823 sister of Mary GIBSON
F36RachelPRICELlanthewi Rhyderch-6023/1/1788  
F37 NONE -    
F39ElizabethSAUNDERSMathern-2830/4/1870 daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth HARRIS
F39 HARRIS -7225/3/1889 wife of Joseph HARRIS
F39JosephHARRIS -7619/4/1895  
F40 NONE -    
F41WilliamJONESShirenewton-7830/12/1850 Table grave
F41ThomasJONESBuilder of Chepstow-5624/5/1864 son of William JONES
F41FannyFOWLER -265/4/1866 Daughter of Thomas Jones
F41FrancesJONES -7610/1/1889 wife of Thomas JONES
F42SarahJONESShirenewton-592/1/1828 wife of Thomas JONES
F43JamesWILLIAMS -45/5/1837  
F44JohnJAMESPenterry-7821/2/1855 Table grave
F44RebeccaJAMES -1416/7/1825 daughter of John JAMES
F44JaneJAMES -3515/3/1856 daughter of John JAMES
F44Sarah HowellJAMES -3730/5/1856 daughter of John JAMES
F44JaneJAMES -743/1/1860 widow of John JAMES
F44JohnJAMESburied in Abbeydore Churchyard, Herefordshire- 12/11/1871 second son of John and Jane JAMES
45CharlotteRICHARDS -4711/10/1847 wife of John RICHARDS
F45John RICHARDS -7731/3/1871 husband of Charlotte RICHARDS
F46EzekielJONESShirenewton-14/11/1836 son of William and Mary JONES
F46SarahJONES -8131/12/1851 wife of William JONES
F47MaryBRINDALShirenewton-8729/4/1830 wife of John BRINDAL
F48SarahJONESShirenewton-2328/2/1821 wife of John JONES
F49WilliamBAKER -10 months19/2/1837 son of William and Sarah BAKER
F49IsaacBAKER -1  son of William and Sarah BAKER
F50MaryBAKER -8917/2/1866 wife of William BAKER
F50IsaacBAKER -7211/11/1877  
F51JaneWALTERS -7311/3/1858 wife of James WALTERS
F52CharlotteWATKINSHuambed, Radnor-2127/9/1812  
F53AnnGOSLINShirenewton-7714/4/1792 wife of John GOSLIN
F53JohnGOSLINShirenewton-9425/5/1813 husband of Ann GOSLIN
F54MaryEDWARDSShirenewton-7611/4/1788 widow of James EDWARDS
F55 NONE -    
F56RachelROBERTSShirenewton-2011/1/1762 wife of William ROBERTS; daughter of David and Mary EDWARDS
F57MaryCOUNSELL -414/3/1776 daughter of Peter and Ann COUNSELL
F58EdwardJAMES -678/6/1826  
F58ElizabethJAMES -7114/1/1836 wife of Edward JAMES
F59JohnEDWARDSItton-119/9/1835 son of Charles and Margaret EDWARDS
F60ThomasEDWARDSItton-1812/2/1808 son of John and Mary EDWARDS
F60JohnEDWARDSItton-187/2/1813 son of John and Mary EDWARDS
F60CharlesEDWARDSItton-2517/8/1824 son of John and Mary EDWARDS
F61WilliamRICHARDSShirenewton-9Aug 1776 son of Richard and Margaret RICHARDS
F61AnnRICHARDSShirenewton-6Jan 1784 daughter of Richard and Margaret RICHARDS
F61RichardRICHARDSShirenewton-2Oct 1787 son of Richard and Margaret RICHARDS
F61RichardRICHARDSShirenewton-4512/5/1795 father of above
F63ElizabthLOYDCaldicot-7713/12/1825 wife of Lewis LOYD
F64WilliamJAMESShirenewton- 1734  
F64CatherineJAMES -6617/5/1747 wife of William JAMES
F65AlbertRICHARDSShirenewton-1212/6/1870 son of Henry and Caroline RICHARDS
F66BridgettCARTERShirenewton-7619/2/1836 wife of Valentine CARTER
F67SarahKNIGHT -622/12/1815 daughter of Joseph and Mary KNIGHT
F68WilliamSTIDDERShirenewton-11 months17/9/1822 son of Thomas and Frances STIDDER
F68HenrySTIDDERShirenewton-196/10/1823 son of Thomas and Frances STIDDER
F68ThomasSTIDDERShirenewton-572/4/1835 father of above
F68FrancesSTIDDERShirenewton-6712/4/1847 wife of Thomas STIDDER
F69 NONE -    
F70AnnSTIDDERShirenewton-101/2/1825 daughter of Willam and Ann STIDDER
F70FrederickSTIDDERShirenewton-114/5/1844 son of George and Ann STIDDER
F70AnnREED -742/5/1888  
F71 NONE -    
F72Ebenezer ThomasWIXCEY -623/11/1836 son of Thomas and Jane WIXCEY
F73ThomasWILLIAMS -175/4/1810 son of Charles and Mary WILLIAMS
F73MaryWILLIAMSCaerwent-678/11/1832 wife of Charles WILLIAMS
F74JohnRICHARDS -116/2/1795 son of James and Rebecka RICHARDS
F75ThomasRICHARDS -2613/10/1835  
F76 NONE -    
F77BenjaminPARSONS - 3/4/1890  
F77MaryPARSONS -5820/10/1890 wife of Benjamin PARSONS
F78MaryCOTTRELLShirenewton-796/4/1852 widow of Samuel COTTRELL
F79SamuelCOTTRELLShirenewton-5810/11/1828 husband of Mary COTTRELL
F80JohnSTIDERShirenewton-2111/8/1826 husband of Mary STIDER
F81GeorgePRICE -453/9/1845  
F81AnnPRICE -7710/4/1880 wife of George STIDER
F82ElizabethMORGAN -7616/4/1845 wife of William MORGAN
F83WilliamWALTERSShirenewton-912/1/1820 son of John and Elizabeth WALTERS
F84 NONE -    
F85 NONE -    
F86MarthaWILLIAMS -6024/5/1836 wife of Thomas WILLIAMS
F87JamesSTIDDERShirenewton-2317/8/1835 son of Thomas and Frances STIDDER
F87GeorgeSTIDDER -2816/5/1837 son of Thomas and Frances STIDDER
F87ThomasSTIDDER -456/7/1852 son of Thomas and Frances STIDDER
F88AlfredWILLIAMS -2 weeks11/4/1834 child of James and Mary WILLIAMS
F88ElizaWILLIAMS -11 weeks1/5/1835 child of James and Mary WILLIAMS
F88FaithWILLIAMS -2 days7/11/1841 child of James and Mary WILLIAMS
F88(Nancy) MargaretWILLIAMS -520/5/1834 daughter of Eliza B WILLIAMS
F89JacobATTWELL - 1866 

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