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Prior to 2004, there was ad hoc fund raising for special 'one off' projects. In 2004 Kevin Bounds started the Shirenewton Church Fund Raising Committee to raise the funds to build an extension to the church. The extension was completed in 2008 and the debt paid off in 2010. In 2011 the committee was renamed to the 'Shirenewton Charity Committee' and extended its brief to raise funds for the Church infrastructure fund and other charities as it saw fit. The Shirenewton Charity Committee is currently mainly dormant but still organises the popular annual 'Call my Bluff' wine tasing.

The main fund raising event for the church is the annual village fete which is a 'whole village' event. It is organised by a seperate fete committee which varies from year to year.

Fund Raising Events

Attending and getting involved in fund raising events is a great way to join in the village social scene and get to know neighbours and other village folk. Most fund raising events are strictly non religious and designed to be social occasions for local residents to enjoy a relaxed evening. The fact that they are ticketed and have a pay bar means that they also act as fund raising events. It's a win win.

If you'd like to get involved in the fund raising events or have an idea for an event you'd like to organise, please get in touch with any member of the church or the webmaster who will be happy to point you in the right direction!

For information on the 'Bring and Share' events (not fund raising events as there is no charge and no funds raised!) please see Church main page: click here

The Infrastructure Fund

The infrastructure fund is a ring fenced fund which is being built up for Church maintenance and other such infrastructure works. In 2014, the fund paid for the installation for a full sound system in the Church.

With an old building such as the Church, there is always maintenance and the occasional major project (e.g. roof works, etc.). Therefore, the objective of the infrastructure fund is to ensure that fund are available for such projects and maintenance.

Record of Fund Raising Events

This section provides links to the records of previous fund raising events, amounts raised and the donations to other charities.

2022 Village fete

2019 Fund Raising Events

2018 Fund Raising Events

2017 Fund Raising Events

2016 Fund Raising Events

2015 Fund Raising Events

Fund Raising Events prior to 2015

Funds raised for other charities.

Extension Story

A complete pictorial story of the Church extension which was previously known as 'The Church Room' and was renamed 'The Saysell Centre' in November 2015.

The Extension Story.

The Saysell Centre was so named to recognise the work of local builder, John Saysell in building the Centre, and the dedication of Church Warden, Allan Saysell in looking after it and maintaining it.

Shopping Portal

The Church used to run a shopping portal (Shirenewton Shop) which over the 17 years it operated raised over £11,000! This was based on affiliated shops which paid a commission on people's purchases. Unfortuantely, due to the increasing privacy laws, 'do not track' technology and purchases directly through apps rather than via websites, income was falling year on year and the decision was taken to discontinue it.

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